PKU Blood Tests

Today I thought I would organise a box of things we need for taking Keir’s weekly blood test . It has been stored in an old shoe box which has started to fall apart.

We used to take blood from Keir once every other day and then when he was around 6 months old we have only needed to do it once a week. He used to have his blood taken from his heel and about 6 months ago we moved to his fingers. His dad does the blood test, I have not been brave enough to do it yet.  His daddy will ask which finger he would like him to take blood from and Keir will choose and point one . He does a very cute squint with his eyes but hardly ever cries. Brave brave soldier!


For keeping the blood test things, I used a clear box which we had bought from Ikea and found some animal theme stickers from one of their sticker books and stuck them on. He hasn’t seen it yet but I am sure he will be distracted for few minutes looking at these. I will let him decorate his box with some more stickers later.

Here’s the list of things we keep in here:


  1. Little plasters for little fingers
  2. Cotton wool to stop the bleeding
  3. Lancets for pricking his finger ( we have three different types in the box which we have used in different stages. We currently are  using the mushroom type – white with blue tip)
  4. NHS Guthrie Test Card (same as newborn heel prick card) and protective sleeves
  5. Brown envelope with lab’s address on
  6. Finally First Class stamps

We aimed to do his blood tests on Sundays and put them in the post for Monday. We usually get the results from the hospital via text message by Friday of that week. If his results are out of range then the dietitians will call us to discuss.


4 thoughts on “PKU Blood Tests

  1. Love it! Why did you guys have to take blood once every other day? We have always done heel pricks once a week ever since my son was born, he just turned 1. I’m just curious. I really need to organize our blood taking supplies as well. Looks good!

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    1. How interesting. We were told by the hospital to do it every other day. Which hospital is your son being treated at? We started off at John Radcliffe and later moved to Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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